Project Overview

The Cryo-TEMPO study aims to deliver a new paradigm of simplified, harmonized, and agile CryoSat-2 products, that are easily accessible to new communities of non-altimeter experts and end-users. The project will generate five new thematic along-track products, covering Sea Ice, Land Ice, Polar Ocean, Coastal Ocean and Inland Water, using rapidly evolving, state-of-the-art processing dedicated to each thematic area. Throughout the project, the products will be constantly evolved, and validated by a group of Thematic Users, thus ensuring optimal relevance and impact for the intended target communities.

For further details please visit the Cryo-TEMPO Project Website.

Project Status

In January 2022 the first full mission data release (Baseline-A) of Cryo-TEMPO thematic products were delivered to ESA, and made available for public download on the ESA CryoSat ftp site. Products from new data subsequently acquired by CryoSat-2 were processed and delivered operationally on a monthly basis (by the 5th working day of each month).

In January 2023 the second full mission data release (Baseline-B) of Cryo-TEMPO thematic products were delivered to ESA CryoSat-2, and operational monthly processing of new data switched to Baseline-B

Further Information

For further information please see our Product Handbook.

Project Partners

The Cryo-TEMPO project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and involves an international team of 15 separate institutions in 7 countries.

Funding Agency
CryoSat-2 Mission Operator
Project Lead
Land Ice Science Lead
Project Management
Systems Development for Land Ice, Sea Ice, Polar Oceans. Project portals.
Sea Ice Science Lead
Polar Oceans Science Lead
Land Ice
Coastal Oceans and Inland Waters Science Lead and Systems Development

Thematic User Group Partners: FMI (Finland), IMEDEA (Spain), IRPI(Italy), LEGOS(France), NERSC (Norway), University of Liverpool (UK), Noveltis (France)

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