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Data Products


This section provides information on CryoSat Operational data products currently available from this data portal and how to access and download them.

Sea Ice Products

You can download the latest 2-day, 14-day and 28-day sea ice thickness gridded data, (processed from CryoSat near real time (NRT) SAR L1b data from ESA) at 5km and 1km resolutions.

You can now also download seasonal (Spring and Autumn) mean sea ice thickness gridded data from the archive (Oct 2010-2015), (processed from CryoSat final precise SAR L1b data from ESA) at 5km and 1km resolutions.

The 5km resolution thickness data is available in a whole Arctic grid, and the 1km data is available in 36 separate sector files (6x6 square areas covering the whole Arctic area of sea ice extent). The required sector can be selected on the main thickness map.

Downloading Sea Ice Products

You can download all sea ice thickness gridded products from the sea ice section of this website.

To do so you can click on the Data Download icon located in the top right of each map display.

You will then be shown a download pane allowing you to select a choice of data formats. These will include ASCII, netCDF, and GeoTIFF formats.

A document describing the data formats is available here : CPOM_CS2_Operational_Formats_v1.2.pdf

Please note that current data formats are preliminary and may evolve during 2015. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on the data formats.

Data Citation

Users of this data should cite the following in any publication:

Laxon S. W., K. A. Giles, A. L. Ridout, D. J. Wingham, R. Willatt, R. Cullen, R. Kwok, A. Schweiger, J. Zhang, C. Haas, S. Hendricks, R. Krishfield, N. Kurtz, S. Farrell and M. Davidson (2013), CryoSat-2 estimates of Arctic sea ice thickness and volume, Geophysical Research Letters, 40, doi:10.1002/grl.50193.